Select Siamese

New Imports - Fall 2015.

Three new queens imported for participation in the Select Siamese Breeding Program.



Imported Classic Siamese Cats


Select Siamese exclusively breeds classic type Siamese cats that have been imported from the finest Caribbean and Latin American bloodlines. We breed our cats for temperament and type - not show ring confirmation. Our goal is to breed feline companions that are physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy to help ensure that they become welcome additions to their newly adopted families.
Classic Siamese are sometimes referred to as old-style or old-fashioned Siamese cats because they look like the type of Siamese cat that was popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

The look of the classic type Siamese lies somewhere between the round face and rounded, muscular heavy body of the Applehead type Siamese and the extremely narrow face and angular body of the Modern type Siamese which are common in cat shows today.

The mission of Select Siamese is to:  Preserve and cultivate the unique elegance, majesty, and beauty of the classic type Siamese Cat


The Classic Siamese


We Have KITTENS - ready to go!

We have four (4) kittens that are ready for their new forever home.